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Babyvita ragi is the preparation made from ragi seeds, after removing the husk. It is flavored with natural flavoring agent - Cardamom and enriched with vitamins and minerals. Babyvita Ragi is an ideal food supplement for babies.

Health Benefits:-

1. Babyvita Ragi aids to buildup the baby’s natural immunity against diseases.
2. It tones the digestive mechanism of babies.
3. Ragi is a rich source of calcium.
4. It can provide essential nutrients needed for bone and teeth development.


Mix Babyvita Ragi with milk or water. Stir well and boil to make a homogenous paste. As Babyvita ragi does not contain sugar, necessary sugar or salt can be added to make up a delicious tasty food.

Nutritional Information

 Per 100gm of product
 Energy Value (kcal)  :  357.00
 Carbohydrate,g  :  83.50
 Protein, g  :  04.00
 Fat, g  :  00.90
 Crude Fibre, g  :  00.50
 Moisture, g  :  04.00
 Total Ash , g  :  02.50
 Vitamin A, IU  :  350.00
 Vitamin D,IU  :  05.00
 Vitamin C, mg  :  25.00
 Vitamin B1, mg  :  00.50
 Vitamin B2, mg  :  00.30
 Niacin, mg  :  03.00
 Folic Acid, mcg  :  20.00
 Calcium , mg  :  25.00
 Iron, mg  :  05.00
 Pottasium, mg  :  250.00
 Phosphorous, mg  :  140.00
 Copper, mg  :  00.50
 Zinc, mg  :  05.00

Latest News

Babyvita going to launch nutritious health drinks very soon.It should be enriched with proteins and nutrients.


Babyvita going to undertake new ventures in ”BEST INDIA FOOD PROCESSING PVT LTD" at Valanchery with well-equipped plant to meet the emerging demand of Babyvita products.


We are Launching a new product Kannankaya for your babies .This Product is very rich in protein.