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Babyvita rice banana preserves the natural goodness of banana (Musa paradisiaca), Navara (oryza hexa) and cardamom with vitamins and minerals. It is prepared under strict hygienic conditions; Green Banana sliced and dried hygienically is a natural source of carbohydrates, which act as the energy blocks. Navara is a rich source of carbohydrates and other essential micronutrients. Navara is having medicinal properties and is very easy to digest. Cardamom improves taste and tones up digestive system. Babyvita Rice banana provides essential vitamins, proteins, iron, carbohydrates and calcium to ensure the proper growth of your child.


Infant foods should be used only on the advice of a health worker as to the need for its use and the proper method of its use. Start with 1 level scoop of Babyvita with 4-6 table spoons of milk the boil for 5 minutes. Gradually increase quantities till your baby accepts a feed as in the table.
 Age  Quantity Per Feed  Feed per day
 After 6 upto 24 months  Babyvita 5 levels scoops( 20g approx.)  Babyvita 1-2
1 Level Scope=4 g Approx.
The feed size may be valid on the advise of your pediatrician.
After 6 months upto 24 months of age 2 level scoop with pure water or milk and boil. Feeds ideally breast feeding, should continue for as long as possible.

Nutritional Information

 Per 100gm of product
 Energy Value (kcal)  :  369.00
 Carbohydrate,g  :  85.65
 Protein, g  :  06.00
 Fat, g  :  00.40
 Crude Fibre, g  :  00.90
 Moisture, g  :  04.00
 Total Ash , g  :  02.50
 Vitamin A, IU  :  350.00
 Vitamin D,IU  :  05.00
 Vitamin C, mg  :  25.00
 Vitamin B1, mg  :  00.50
 Vitamin B2, mg  :  00.30
 Niacin, mg  :  03.00
 Folic Acid, mcg  :  20.00
 Calcium , mg  :  06.00
 Iron, mg  :  05.00
 Copper, mg  :  00.50
 Zinc, mg  :  05.00

Latest News

Babyvita going to launch nutritious health drinks very soon.It should be enriched with proteins and nutrients.


Babyvita going to undertake new ventures in ”BEST INDIA FOOD PROCESSING PVT LTD" at Valanchery with well-equipped plant to meet the emerging demand of Babyvita products.


We are Launching a new product Kannankaya for your babies .This Product is very rich in protein.